Telenovelas is the primetime entertainment of choice for Latino households across the country. With the Premios TVyNovelas 2016 coming up this weekend, we have taken a stroll down memory lane to see some of the past winners. The Best Telenovela category is the top award of the night and it is usually reserved for that story that captivated all audiences, the ones that made us dream and live like if we were living the drama on screen. This year the following scored a nod and competing for the prize: "Antes Muerta Que Lichita," "A Que No Me Dejas," "La Vecina," "La Sombra Del Pasado," "Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse" and "Pasión y Poder." Only one of these six nominated telenovelas will win the trophy.

We have now gone back 20 years, to see which telenovelas have taken home the award in the past. Looking through all those telenovelas that we've seen through the years brought us back so many memories. One of the most recurring faces was Adela Noriega, who's last telenovela was "Fuego En La Sangre" and since then she has not been in another production. Other recurring actors in winning telenovelas include Fernando Colunga, Cesar Evora, Juan Soler, Eduardo Yañez and Leticia Calderón. Join us scrolling through the images down below and see how many telenovelas you can name and remember. Which past Premios TVyNovelas winner was your favorite?

Premios TVyNovelas: Mi Corazón Es Tuyo (2015) 2015: "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo" starring Silvia Navarro and Jorge Salinas won this year. Televisa

Premios TVyNovelas: Amores Verdaderos (2014) 2014: "Amores Verdaderos" starring Erika Buenfil, Eduardo Yañez, Eiza Gonzalez and Sebastián Rulli was the story of two rich women that fall in love with their bodyguards. Televisa

Premios TVyNovelas: Por Ella Soy Eva (2013) 2013: "Por Ella Soy Eva" starring Lucero and Jaime Camil about a man that is forced to go in to hiding by changing his identity to a woman after he is being accused of a crime he didn't commit. Televisa

Premios TVyNovelas: La Fuerza Del Destino (2012) 2012: "La Fuerza Del Destino" starred Sandra Echeverria and David Zepeda. Televisa

Premios TVyNovelas: Para Volver A Amar (2011) 2011: "Para Volver A Amar" was an unconventional novela, but won the top award this year. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe (2010) 2010: "Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe" won, starring Itati Cantoral and Pedro Fernandez. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Fuego En La Sangre (2009) 2009: "Fuego En La Sangre" was a hit for Televisa and also won the Best Telenovela award at the show. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Destilando Amor (2008) 2008: "Destilando Amor" starring Eduardo Yanez and the now First Lady of Mexico Angelica Rivera won the top accolade. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: La Fea Más Bella (2007) 2007: "La Fea Más Bella" starring Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil took the top prize. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Alborada (2006) 2006: This year the telenovela starring Lucero, Fernando Colunga and Valentino Lanús, Alborada, won. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Rubí (2005) 2005: "Rubí" won this year starring Barbara Mori. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Amor Real (2004) 2004: "Amor Real" starred Adela Noriega, Fernando Colunga and Mauricio Islas. The telenovela was produced by Carla Estrada. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: La Otra (2003) 2003: The Don Ernesto Alonso produced telenovela of "La Otra" was the top winner. Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Soler starred in this soap about two unrelated women that have a strong physical resemblance. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: El Manantial (2002) 2002: This year, the Carla Estrada production of "El Manantial" took home the top award. The telenovela was starred by Adela Noriega and Mauricio Islas. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Abrázame Muy Fuerte (2001) 2001: "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" had a stellar cast with Victoria Ruffo, Cesar Evora, Aracely Arambula and Fernando Colunga. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Laberintos De Pasión (2000) 2000: "Laberintos De Pasión" won the ultimate award this year. The telenovela starred Leticia Calderón, Cesar Evora and Francisco Gattorno. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: El Privilegio De Amar (1999) 1999: "El Privilegio De Amar" starring Adela Noriega and Rene Strickler took home the top honor at Premios TVyNovelas. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Esmeralda (1998) 1998: "Esmeralda" starred Fernando Colunga and Leticia Calderon as the titled character. This tale was of a woman that loses her eyesight and the struggles she faces. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Cañaveral de Pasiones (1997) 1997: "Cañaveral De Pasiones" starred Juan Soler, Francisco Gattorno and Daniela Castro. Televisa Premios TVyNovelas: Lazos De Amor (1996) 1996: Lucero was the star of "Lazos De Amor," telenovela where she played three different roles simultaneously. Televisa