Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” is set to kick off with a serious bang, forgoing its traditional Halloween episode, the series will premiere its first ever Christmas episode “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas.” In promo videos for the forthcoming holiday special, it is revealed that the murder trial for Bethany Young is still pending. Spencer was arrested in the Season 5 “fatal” finale for the death of Bethany, who was discovered in the grave of Alison DiLaurentis after the teen miraculously came back from the dead and told the police a version of the story from the night she disappeared that made poor Miss Hastings look very guilty.

However, the tale of Bethany Young is still very much a mystery, fans do not who killed her, why she was buried in the supposed grave of Alison, who she is or even how she connects to the overall “A” game! But a new fan theory from Tumblr user “PLL on ABC” may put all the pieces together, the theory states that it is not actually Bethany Young in Alison’s grave but actually her twin sister who is unfortunately dead, with no hope of a miraculous PLL revival. But Bethany, despite Spencer being arrested for her murder, is still very much alive and has maintained a new rather mysterious identity—“A.”

While this theory may be farfetched it does seem to make sense, fans know that someone on “Pretty Little Liars” has a twin, and it seems that whoever has the twin has to be deeply intertwined into the overall “A” mystery. In the book series that spawned the TV show, Alison is the character with the twin and her twin is “A” however, Sasha Pietrese who portrays Ali in the show has confirmed that she does not have a twin. So the theory could still be plausible, and wouldn’t the murder motivate Bethany to stalk, harass, and attack the people for whom she believes are responsible for her sister’s death. It’s safe to say that “A” is someone fans have encountered on the series before, and while we haven’t explicitly met Bethany Young, mainly because she is assumed to be dead, there have been interactions between her and the DiLaurentis family referenced on the show.

What do you think about the theory that Bethany Young is “A” and her twin sister is actually the one who was found dead in Ali’s grave? Could it be possible? Comment below and let us know!