With Spencer arrested and Mona dead, it may be difficult for the remaining "Pretty Little Liars" to put together the Bethany Young theory. ABC Family

The Season 5 summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” may be over but that certainly doesn’t mean all of our burning questions were answered. In the midst of mourning the death of Mona Vanderwaal, Rosewood’s resident Radley raider, fans are dying to know, no pun intended, who Bethany Young really is and just how she is connected to the overall “A” mystery. Ever since her body was found in Alison’s grave in the DiLaurentis backyard, fans knew the mystery was set to grow exponentially, and now since Spencer has been arrested for her murder, fans are surmising that the Hasting family is also someone involved in this, especially since the police indicated Spencer as the prime suspect after reading the now infamous Radley files on her. Interestingly enough, when Mona and Spencer investigated the documents in “Taking This One to the Grave,” they came away with a completely different interpretation, that Alison was extremely connected to Bethany Young and the pair may even share a mother.

Furthermore, right before the untimely murder of Mona by “A,” or a blonde haired minion of the black hooded menace, Mona was convinced that Alison is “A” and even revealed that she had the evidence to prove it. A new fan theory has out head spinning, despite fans initial desire to believe that Bethany Young was the twin of Alison and ultimately killed by her type “A” twin sister, Sasha Pieterse shot us down. The actress admitted that while there is a twin running loss in Rosewood, her character Alison does not have a double. But maybe she does have a half-sister, similar to that of her half-brother Jason. A new few theory proposing that perhaps Bethany Young was no Young at all, but instead the girl was a Hastings, meaning she was the half-sister of both Alison and Spencer! Could it be true? Well the evidence certainly makes a convincing argument.

First things first, fans discovered in the summer finale "Taking This zone to the Grave" that Mrs. DiLaurentis had an affair. While not necessarily breaking news considering Jason DiLaurentis is the biological son of Peter Hastings, fans now know that her original affair with Mr. Hastings or perhaps a second affair connects her in some way to the deceased Bethany Young. According to the recordings of Bethany's Radley sessions, Mona and Spencer discovered that who ever Bethany's father is, he was romantically involved with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Do all signs point to Mr. Hastings? Could her relationship also indicate that despite her "Aunt Jessie" persona, Mrs. DiLaurentis was actually the biological mother of Bethany?

Continuing with the theory that Bethany is yet another love child that resulted from Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis' extra-martial affair, that would make her and Jason full siblings, while Alison, Spencer and Melissa are Bethany's half siblings. If the affair spawned two children separately, wouldn't people notice Mrs. DiLaurentis pregnancy for 9 full months that remarkably resulted with no child? A better theory is that Jason and Bethany are. Ore than just siblings, the two are in fact twins! Fans are already well aware that there is a twin running around Rosewood, so couldn't that twin be Bethany!

The Hastings and the DiLaurentis family are linked, are the two reigning families of Rosewood have had their share of secrets and issues. Many of these issues began with the affair, however it doesn't seem like the end there. For starters, the Hastings reinterred their marriage post affair and seemed relatively happy, while the DiLaurentis family left Rosewood for a while all together, so why still tension? Most likely because there is a deep dark secret, also known as a secret love child that is so mentally disturbed they locked her up in an insane asylum for most of her life, before she escaped and attempted to kill her half sister, Alison. Most certainly sounds like something that would make life thought for both the Hastings and the DiLaurentis family. Perhaps this deep dark secret is the final straw, which caused Veronica Hastings to finally break off her marriage to Peter. When rationalizing her decisions to leave Peter, Veronica explained to Spencer that her father has deep secrets and she can't handle it any longer. Maybe she only recently discovered the existence of Bethany and her sad life; this discovery could be based on the same evidence that promoted the police to arrest Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young.

What do you think about this Bethany Young theory? Could she be a Hastings and maybe even Jason's twins, comment below and let us know!

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