Toby & Spencer in PLL 100th episode
Toby and Spencer pictured together in the 100th episode of "Pretty Little Liars" immediately before Toby's house exploded. ABC Family

As if things couldn’t get worse for Spencer and Toby on “Pretty Little Liars” it seems like there is some tough tides on the horizon for the pair. Recent spoiler reports claim that Spencer is set to get a new love interest in Season 5, but does that mean that her and Toby are over for good? Well, maybe. Lets weigh the evidence below! According to E!, Spencer is going to be spending time with a new guy, and while he is “cute, edgy, and charismatic,” he is no Toby. The new guy, is a painter names Johnny Raymond, he will be joining the PLL cast in episode 15 of Season 5 and is set to stick around for “at least” three episodes.

While Toby and Spencer seem more than solid now, episode 15 is still a ways off, and Toby is set to be heading to the police academy soon, so he could be leaving a vulnerable and lonely Spence behind. Toby’s departure from Rosewood, and Johnny’s arrival may be enough to pull Spoby apart. In addition to the arrival of the new, cute painter, Spencer and Toby have not had any relationship issues for a while, as opposed to the other Liars.

Obviously Aria and Ezra have had their fair shares of ups and downs, mainly due to Ezra’s role as a true crime writer, spying on and lying to his girlfriend for several years. Paige and Emily still can’t seem to get on the same page, despite their obvious feelings for each other and last but certainly not least Rosewood’s former power couple Hanna and Caleb are spiraling deeper into a sad and lonely depression. So can Toby and Spencer really stay solid for much longer? Probably not. Considering ABC Family’s renewal of “Pretty Little Liars” for another two seasons, fans can expect a break up and most likely a make up, for these two lovebirds.

While Spoby is absolutely in love, and admittedly my favorite couple on the series, they are also set to face a lot of obstacles not only in Season 5, but also in Seasons 6 and 7. The first thing that has always and still will drive a wedge between Spencer and Toby is “A.” Resident Rosewood nemesis and relationship destroying “A,” has mastered the game of pinning two people against each other, furthermore “A” has learned how to use the Liars loved ones against them. Fans have already seen how both Spencer and Toby have sacrificed their feelings to protect each other from “A,” and with the recent explosion set in Toby’s house, it’s safe to say that he is “A’s” target.

Mixed up in the “A” game is the truth behind the death of Mrs. Cavanaugh, Toby’s mother. While both Toby and Spencer want to discover the truth behind her supposed suicide, Spencer has less of an ability to respect the emotional side of the assumedly forthcoming truth. Her desire and endless questioning to obtain the truth about Radley, Bethany Young, “A” and presumably the death of Mrs. Cavanaugh could push her and Toby apart, as it has in the past.

What do you think about Spencer’s supposed new love interest? Will her and Toby break up in Season 5? Comment below and let us know!

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