“Pretty Little Liars” isn’t set to return for Season 5 till June 10, but while fans are not so patiently waiting, the cast is teasing its loyal fanbase with a sneak peek video clip. Keegan Allen and Troian Bellisario, who portray power couple Toby and Spencer on “Pretty Little Liars”, revealed to fans that the pair will be rekindling their flame in episode 2, “Whirly Girl.” Finally Toby is back in the United States, and Spoby seems to be back together, and in Spencer’s bed. Allen posted a rather short but sweet Instagram video of himself and Bellisario filming episode 2 on the “Pretty Little Liars” set and even out of character the two looked every inch a couple. The video begins with a close up shot of Allen and Bellisario cuddled close together, Allen then tells the camera that the on screen couple is eanjoying a “private moment,” Bellisario coyly agrees. Then the witty videographer flips the camera to reveal the beauty behind the take, and exposes the PLL crew hard at work attempting to perfect the tender reunion.  The off-screen friends then laugh at the not-so intimate setting, as they prepare for some Spoby scenes.

Despite the lack of intimacy during filming, fans will be thrilled to see the highly anticipated Spencer and Toby reunion. Despite the couple’s long relationship, it has always been a complicated one. Most recently due Spencer’s addiction to Adderall, their relationship started to unravel, prompting Toby to seek some understanding on a trip through Europe, where he ultimately meet up with Spencer’s older sister Melissa. Even though there was no indication that Toby would return from London, fans were hoping to see the reconciliation between him and Spencer, and it seems like in Season 5 they will get it. However, like many things in the “A” infested Rosewood, good things don’t last forever, so will Spencer and Toby’s reconciliation soon being to turn sour? According to recent spoilers—yes.

According to show runner, Marlene King in Season 5, “an unexpected 'PLL' will spiral with her boyfriend.” Even though Toby and Spencer are recently reunited, all fans of the series know that Spencer is never far from a spiral, and she been known to breakdown rather quickly. Check out the Instagram video below, and let us know what you think will happen to Spencer and Toby in Season 5.