Prince Andrew allegedly tried to stop his older brother, King Charles III, from succeeding to the throne before Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

MARCA mentioned that the biography of Camilla by Angela Levin, "Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort," exposed such a revelation.

The book claims that Andrew pushed the Queen to prevent Charles from succeeding to the throne of England and allegedly plotted to do so with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

According to the biography, Andrew was adamantly opposed to the marriage of Charles and Camilla, the current King and Queen consort. Levin credited a "high insider" with providing the information, who said Andrew and Diana intended to "push Prince Charles aside."

The insider added that Diana was involved in the scheme while still living.

"Andrew to try to push Prince Charles aside so Prince Andrew could become regent to William."," the insider claimed.

The prince was still a teenager at the time. According to the book, Charles' actions were "very unfavorable and negative toward the Queen." It continued by saying that it was one of the few times Prince Andrew did not get his way.

According to the Irish Mirror, Prince Andrew and King Charles III have different personalities, attitudes, and life outlooks.

The same royal source claimed that the late Queen contacted various people for opinion on the matter of Charles and Camilla's engagement, including Andrew. According to the book, the Duke of York attempted to convince the late Queen to forbid his brother from weding Camilla.

Andrew's behavior was described as "very venomous, unpleasant, unhelpful, and extremely spiteful about Camilla," it was stated. Camilla was "insufficiently aristocratic" and "not to be trusted," according to Andrew.

Last Wednesday, the Duke of York, who is no longer a working royal and therefore required to wear regular clothes, accompanied his mother's funeral procession to Westminster Hall. Along with losing his HRH title, he also lost all of his honorary military titles.

Author and royal critic Robert Jobson stated that King Charles III must determine "the line of succession" in order to protect the throne should "tragedy strike."

According to Daily Express, the newly crowned king is advised to select someone who may succeed Prince William as Princess Regent to support little Prince George if something were to happen to both of them.

Jobson thinks that because Prince Harry was also not a working royal, he could not assist Prince George.

According to the royal expert, the late Queen was concerned that George was given the throne at an early age because of a tragedy. Jobson then pointed out that if something happened to Charles and William, the heir would be a nine-year-old boy.

"If something dreadful should happen to both him and William, then the heir would be a nine-year-old boy. There would need to be a Prince or Princess Regent until George was old enough to rule," he said.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew during Trooping The Colour. Getty Images

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