A royal expert said Prince Harry has been warned not to make his biggest blunder yet. After all, there are rumors that he may use his memoir to attack Camilla Parker Bowles. And if this is the case, Britons will be even more furious with Meghan Markle's husband because they have grown to like the Duchess of Cornwall.

A journalist and royal commentator, Celia Walden, has advised the Duke of Sussex to respect the British royal family. This was in response to reports that Prince Harry's impending memoir might target members of the royal family. Although nothing has been proven yet.

"When, back in February, the queen declared it's her 'sincerest wish' that the Duchess of Cornwall become Queen Consort when Charles becomes king, that wasn't just Her Majesty saying 'give my daughter-in-law the respect she's owed and earned' but a reminder that Camilla is the future. That as a country and as individuals, we all need to adapt and move on," Walden told Express.

Camilla will celebrate her 75th birthday in July. According to Walden, the Duchess will grace the cover of Vogue in the same month to demonstrate how much the public adored her. In addition, since she is reducing her royal duties, Queen Elizabeth has relied increasingly more on her daughter-in-law. As a result, Prince Harry should refrain from attacking his stepmother.

In March, there were rumors that Prince Harry may say something nasty about Camilla. During an interview, royal author Angela Levin discussed Prince Harry's memoir, revealing that it would be published at the end of the year.

"Harry's memoir is coming out at the end of the year. Anyone who is anyone is saying it's going to attack Camilla and make her responsible for [his] mental health and how she stole his father from his mother," she said per Cosmopolitan.

According to Levin, there was no hint that Prince Harry and Camilla didn't have a great relationship. As a result, she's skeptical of the rumors swirling.

"He was very nice about [Camilla], said she was a wonderful woman and said he liked her very much. Camilla was very helpful to Meghan when she first joined—took her out for lunch and tried to teach her some of the things she needed to know—the restrictions and the disadvantages as well as the positives," she said.

In his memoir, Levin also alluded to the likelihood of Prince Harry slamming the royal family, notably his father, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles, she claims, is quite pliable because he adores Harry, so he may be more willing to let him have his way.

"I think if he reads what he says about Camilla then he won't do that," she said

Before Levin's interview, a source told The Sun that Prince Charles is concerned about his youngest son's book. After all, he'd heard the memoir would be a vehement attack on his loving wife.

“Charles has shared his concerns with William and is keen he somehow goes on the record and sticks up for Camilla should the book attack her. But as much as William loves his father, he’s unlikely to want to get involved. In all likelihood, he will try and stay neutral,” the source said.

It's worth noting, though, that Prince Harry's formal statement about his memoir made no mention of specific members of the royal family.

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