Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has always been critical of his sons and their wives and has been outspoken about his relationship with them. Does he get along well with every one of them? Does he have a favorite daughter-in-law?

Sophie, Countess Of Wessex

Prince Philip handed over his role in Patronage of The Chartered Management Institute to daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The decision speaks volume about the Duke of Edinburgh’s relationship with his daughter in law Sophie.

As part of Prince Philip’s retirement from royal duties, the Duke of Edinburgh passed on his royal duties, including his role in the Patronage. The prince picked Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wife of Prince Edward, as an heiress to the post.

The choice indicates Prince Philip’s trust toward Sophie, who is the wife of Prince Philip’s youngest son, Prince Edward. The speculations that the Countess of Wessex is Prince Philip’s favorite daughter-in-law may have something to do with the prince’s good relationship with Prince Edward.

Some sources claim that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son is Prince Edward. The senior royals had planned something for Prince Edward from the start.

Prince Edward did not receive any “dukedom” title during his marriage to Sophie, and the reported reason behind it is that the Queen plans on granting Prince Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh, the title of Prince Philip. Sophie, on the other hand, will reportedly inherit the Queen’s title before she became Queen — the Duchess of Edinburgh.

Sarah, Duchess Of York

The world knows how it went down between the Duke of Edinburgh and Sarah Ferguson. Ferguson was once involved in a toe-sucking scandal with millionaire financial advisor John Bryan during their vacation at St. Tropez after her split with ex-husband Prince Andrew. Since then, Prince Philip has held a grudge against Fergie for ruining the royal family’s reputation.

“She was never welcomed at Balmoral again and she was never welcomed at Christmas with the royal family again,” said royal author Katie Nicholl. “She was an outcast. I think he found Fergie’s antics within the marriage to Prince Andrew one of those difficult royal pills to swallow.”

Diana, Princess Of Wales

Prince Philip’s relationship with late Princess Diana is not accounted for in many references. But there are several things that are clear in Prince Philip’s role in the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prince Philip “pressured” Prince Charles into marrying Princess Diana as he sees that the future king should be settling down and not flirting around. It might be one of the reasons why Prince Philip allegedly encouraged Prince Charles, who had been unhappy, to cheat on Princess Diana during their marriage.

However, there are retrieved letters of Prince Philip giving advice to Princess Diana during the princess’ marital issue with Prince Charles. The letter hinted that Prince Philip sympathizes with the Princess of Wales amid the cheating scandal.

“We never dreamed he might feel like leaving you for her,” the prince told Princess Diana in the letter. “I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind leaving you for Camilla. Such a prospect never even entered our heads,” Prince Philip wrote to Princess Diana.

Camilla, Duchess Of York

Though time has passed since the great royal scandal involving Prince Philip's relationship with his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles, the situation remains the same. As Camilla allowed herself to be part of a scandal that destroyed Prince Charles and Princess Diana and has smeared the royal family's reputation up to the present, it is not unlikely that the prince still holds the bitterness he has for Camilla from long ago.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (C), in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, makes his final individual public engagement as he attends a parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge. Hannah McKay - WPA Pool/Getty Images

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