Rumors of a Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury resurfaced again ten years after the Duke of Cambridge married Kate Middleton. That's because his lawyers, according to former Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief and current Rolling Stone Editor in Chief Noah Shachtman, were scrambling to "suppress" reports of his affairs, claiming publications are violating his "human rights."

Rumors began to circulate that Prince William was having an affair with Kate's friend, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. According to reports, British tabloid newspaper The Sun published an article in March 2019. The article mentioned the alleged affair between William and Rose in 2018, while Kate was pregnant with their youngest son, Prince Louis.

Last year, Kate Middleton had issues with friend Rose Hanbury. From there, the speculations that Prince William and Kate Middleton were experiencing marital issues began to boil up. The tale may have ended there. The Sun (per Refinery 29) speculated that the feud resulted in William and Rose's affair. Things started to spiral out of control from there.

In Touch (via The Daily Beast) claimed that everyone in the high society circle was aware of the cheating but hid it.

Each tabloid pushed the story further and further until it became a full-fledged cheating scandal that caused the royal couple's less frequent appearances with Rose and her husband.

As soon as the rumors arose, other publications picked up them up. On the other hand, the rumors never appeared to get out of hand. There was no official news or word from any of the people involved in any major tabloid that William was cheating on Kate (per another report). Furthermore, a tweet from a well-known journalist confirming that the claims were accurate was inexplicably deleted.

However, there were accusations that Kate requested him to distance himself from the Cholmondeleys, but this could quell the infidelity rumors.

Regardless of whether the reports are real or not, they are easy to believe given the couple's turbulent history. Kate and William began dating during their university years, but when Kate expected a proposal, William instead dumped her in the style of Legally Blonde. According to the Daily Mail, despite his brother Harry's reputation as the playboy brother, William has always had a "wandering eye."

According to the Express, Queen Elizabeth II advised William to choose his wife carefully before getting married since "enough is enough" for royal divorces. So, now that they've celebrated their "tin anniversary," rest assured that William and Kate aren't breaking up anytime soon.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrive for the "Together at Christmas" community carol service at Westminster Abbey on Dec. 08, 2021 in London, England. Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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