Prince William and Prince Harry are rumored to have been feuding with each other. It has now been revealed that the reason behind their frosty relationship is not Meghan Markle.

Nicole Cliffe, a Canadian writer and journalist, recently shared details about Prince William’s alleged cheating scandal and said that the Duke of Cambridge’s alleged link to Kate Middleton’s good friend, Rose Hanbury, is what caused problems in his relationship with Prince Harry.

“Wills would absolutely have told Harry about the affair, because of how those two are, and I think that Harry was like, ‘This is exactly what ruined our childhoods, this is pulling some Dad [expletive], you have three small children, what the [expletive]?’” Cliffe tweeted.

Last year, rumors also swirled that Prince William didn’t approve of Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan. In fact, multiple publications published a story about Prince William convincing Prince Harry to not wed Meghan too quickly.

Since then, it was believed that Prince William and Prince Harry’s frosty relationship was due to the former’s disapproval of Meghan, which is something that might have offended Prince Harry. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Meanwhile, it is also important to note that Cliffe’s statements have not been confirmed by Prince William, Kate, Hanbury, Prince Harry, Meghan or even Kensington Palace. As such, it should still be taken as a grain of salt.

Cliffe also said at the beginning of her tweets that she will include personal editorializing in her posts. The Utah-based writer and journalist ended her posts with a piece of advice about couples being best friends with other couples and said that it could be dangerous.

Cliffe also said that she belongs to Team Meghan and has no problems being quoted by pro-Meghan tabloids that the United Kingdom has failed to produce. Even though she supports Meghan, Cliffe also said that she’s sad for Kate.

“If Kate announces a pregnancy, even though there is literally zero chance that my Twitter will ever be known to any of these people or their handlers or their children, I will nuke the entire thread: She has hyperemesis and the IDEA of adding that is unthinkable,” she tweeted.

Prince Harry and Prince William Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, during the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial. Getty Images/Chris Jackson