The boxer from Puerto Rico accused of killing her pregnant girlfriend has surrendered himself to authorities. Felxi Verdejo on Sunday. The 27-year-old is singled out as the prime suspect behind the disappearance and death of Keishla Rodriguez.

Verdejo is a lightweight boxer who represented Puerto Rico in the 2012 Olympic games. Per authorities, the 27-year-old boxer allegedly used a syringe to inject an unidentified substance into the 27-year-old girl and then bound her arms and feet with a wire and eventually tying a block to her.

Aside from that, Verdejo also allegedly shot at the body of Rodriguez after it was dumped in the water. Making things worse for the boxer is that a witness claims to have seen him having help with a yet-to-be-identified individual. The body of Rodriguez was allegedly thrown over a bridge at around 8:30 a.m.

The body of Rodriguez was found at a lagoon in the United States just a couple of days after it was reported missing. She was positively identified using dental records according to Puerto Rico’s Institute of Forensic Science.

Verdejo was initially brought in for questioning by authorities on Friday. He was charged with kidnapping resulting in death, carjacking resulting in death and intentionally killing an unborn child, ESPN reported.

If found guilty, Verdejo could be meted life imprisonment or the death penalty. He is held without bail by Federal Judge Camille Velez. It should be noted that the death penalty does not exist in Puerto Rico. However, it can be used in cases that have federal charges.

"Puerto Rico mourns Keishla Rodríguez's death. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends," Alexis Torres, the secretary of the Department of Public Safety of Puerto Rico said in a statement on Sunday. "The Puerto Rico Police Bureau and the federal agencies have worked long hours collaborating as a team to solve this cold murder expeditiously.

According to Keila Ortiz, the mother of Rodriguez, her daughter was pregnant with Verdejo’s child. She was informed by Keishla on meeting the boxer but was warned to be careful since Verdejo had already threatened her previously.

Felix Verdejo Felix Verdejo Getty Images | Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc