The Mayagüez cemetery, in Puerto Rico, was the scenario that united Sheila Camuy and her fiance Idelfonso Pérez in holy matrimony. The Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora, reported that the ceremony began at 5:00 in the afternoon and that it was a dream come true for the bride. "It was very important that they were present at my wedding. If that had not been the case I wouldn't have done this," reveals the bride upon her arrival, referring to her father and one of her children who had died.

According to the news portal, the bride arrived in a hearse adorned with wreaths of flowers, dressed in a black gown with a veil of the same color. The ceremony was held in front of a coffin that served as an altar for the celebration of the nuptials. Among the guests were family members, friends and the owners of the Fernández Funeral Home, Javier Granel and Lynette Matos, in charge of providing the flowers and the coffin for the marriage.

cemetery Wedding Puerto Rican Couple Celebrates Wedding In Mayagüez Cemetery. Primera Hora

According to the information, the decoration was inspired by Tim Burton's film, "Nightmare Before Christmas" of 1993; the wedding march was the theme of the film, and the dress code was black. According to Sheila, 35, the relatives' reaction to the wedding venue was mixed. Metro PR wrote the bride said her mother was scandalized by the news but then revealed that "she would have liked to marry in black as well."

"In that aspect what she hated a little bit was the cemetery, but she supports me in everything. She respects my beliefs, that are believing in God very much, as well as all of you, so it is a matter of respecting the opinions of each one," explained the woman. Primera Hora informed that for the bride the use of the coffin in the marriage celebration meant the inevitable last dwelling of the human being. "We all go there, independently, even though we are ashes, we go there," Camuy said.

Cemetery Wedding The wedding ceremony. Metro PR

Sheila's new husband, 28, never had problems with fulfilling the dream of his beloved. "I agree because here it is that her relatives, her loved ones, her father, her son, her uncles, her grandmother are," explained Pérez. Sheila added that "everyone has their way of thinking and I respect all those who tell me, positive and negative comments, respect everything. Actually I'm happy as I am and I can't stop because of the opinions of others." The groom added that "this is not out of the ordinary; People get married on beaches, in churches, on parachutes, everywhere. What's wrong with getting married here with our loved ones?" questioned the man who also has buried his uncles and grandparents there.