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Victims of a shooting by a fellow Puerto Rico police officer: Frank Román, Luz M. Soto and Rosario Hernández de Hoyo. Officials say they trio were taken hostage and killed as they tried to negotiate with a lone gunman who had been disciplined in the past and demoted. Puerto Rico PD

Three Puerto Rican police officers are dead after a fellow officer shot and killed them and an apparent workplace rampage, Univision reports . Officer Guarionex Candelario Rivera, 50, reportedly entered a police station in Ponce, Puerto Rico complaining about a disciplinary action against him that had taken him off of normal patrol duty. A full investigation into the details of his motives are still underway, however. Puerto Rican Governor Alejandro García Padilla called for restraint on speculation on Monday, following a visit to Ponce and delivery of condolences to the slain officer’s families.

“This is a very regrettable scene and the worst thing we can do is allow for circumstantial rumors [....] With respect to the families and the investigation, let’s not fall into rumors and gossip,” García Padilla said.

Officials confirm three victims according to Univision: Frank Román, 49; Luz M. Soto, 49; and Rosario Hernández de Hoyo, 42. All three officers had more than a decade of law enforcement experience.

The ensuing investigation may ascertain if they were armed during the confrontation with Candelario Rivera, or if they fired any shots in self-defence. The Washington Post reports that he took hostages and engaged in a standoff with police, surrendering after killing the hostages and receiving a bullet wound to his arm.

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