As the Russia-Ukraine conflict enters another week of fighting, former U.S. President Donald Trump has jokingly suggested on Saturday, March 5, that fighter jets from the U.S. should be disguised as Chinese planes before being sent to bomb Russia.

Trump, who was speaking at a fundraiser for Republican donors in New Orleans, went on an 84-minute speech that went through a variety of topics, the highlight of which was the suggestion that Russia should be bombed by U.S. fighter jets disguised as Chinese aircraft, according to the Independent.

“And then we say, China did it, we didn’t do it, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch,” Trump said, before eliciting laughter from the crowd.

The former President, who has previously praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his “pretty savvy” plan of invading Ukraine, has started denouncing the attempted invasion of Ukraine as “a Holocaust,” the Hill reported.

“Are all of these nations going to stand by and watch perhaps millions of people be slaughtered as the onslaught continues?” he said. “At what point do countries say, ‘No, we can’t take this massive crime against humanity?’ We can’t let it happen. We can’t let it continue to happen.”

Trump has had a close relationship with Putin during his Presidency, and in spite of his current support of Ukraine, Trump was previously impeached for attempting to stop a military aid package earmarked towards Ukraine from being approved in exchange for an investigation of President Biden’s son Hunter.

As the invasion of Ukraine continues, Trump has warned that the supposed weakness of the United States in its response to the conflict might encourage more invasions to happen, like a hypothetical Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

“They're seeing that our leaders are incompetent, and of course, they're going to do — this is their time,” he said.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
US President Donald Trump (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shake hands before attending a joint press conference after a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, on July 16, 2018. - The US and Russian leaders opened an historic summit in Helsinki, with Donald Trump promising an "extraordinary relationship" and Vladimir Putin saying it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world. Photo by Yuri Kadobnov/AFP via Getty Images

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