Quarantining is hard—but, it’s apparently REALLY hard for Gwyneth Paltrow, more so because the phase involves spending more time with her husband Brad Falchuk.

According to a recent report on the “Heat”; Paltrow loves Falchuk, but she misses having the entire house to herself. A questionable source in the report reveals that cracks have appeared in the marriage, as it is pretty evident that the two aren’t used to spending so much time together—and are strangely getting very uncomfortable with the idea of having each other at home around all the time.

The tabloid alleges that Paltrow loves her me-time. She loves doing her thing and having a life outside of her marriage—stuff that seems like distant reality in the current scenario. Moreover, the air of mystery that accompanies long distance is now missing, and the actress is certain that things will soon end on a bad note if the lockdown isn’t lifted and things don’t go back to normal.

Gossip Cop felt something was amiss, because the report didn’t seem to have any tangible proof or instances that fueled the speculations. So, upon cross-checking with Paltrow’s spokesperson, the truth was out: There wasn’t an iota of truth in the aforementioned rumors. In fact, the spokesperson quelled the floating rumors as “made-up” tales that shouldn’t be given much attention to.

What’s more, Paltrow and Falchuk hosted a video session on the former’s website with an intimacy teacher. The purpose of the activity was to discuss issues and ways for couples to enjoy the quarantine. Paltrow categorically mentioned about how grateful she was to enjoy a “solid relationship with Falchuk.” 

This is diametrically opposed to the speculations presented on the report, and it doesn’t take much to learn how much of truth exists in the report.

Truth be told, Paltrow is likely to be unperturbed by trashy reports and this isn’t the first. Last year, “National Enquirer” and “Radar Online” made a rather ridiculous claim about things being over between Paltrow and Falchuk. That’s not all— an old report in “NW” ran an atrocious report about Paltrow and beau Falchuk requesting Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson for a foursome. Paltrow’s spokesperson however rubbished the rumor and termed it as “beyond ridiculous.”

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow call it quits. Reuters