Queen Elizabeth has reportedly lost central control of the Buckingham Palace. A royal expert has revealed that the Queen does no longer exercise the strong control she had over the Palace many years back, and Prince Andrew’s highly criticized interview last weekend was proof of that.

According to royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, the fact that two senior members of the royal family have made explosive interviews within just the last couple of months goes to show that there is now lack of central control inside Buckingham. “We have had two episodes within just a couple of months, of senior members of the royal family doing it their way,” he said.

Last month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came under fire following their ITV documentary, where they revealed some private details about their royal life. During the interview, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ranted against the British media despite the Palace’s communications officials advising them against it.

Last weekend, another episode of such a controversial interview shocked royal followers when Prince Andrew answered questions about his much talked about links with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. For the past several months, the Duke of York had been dealing with controversy over his ties to the convicted sex offender. Although the 66-year old convict had already taken his own life behind bars earlier this year, royal followers still demanded Prince Andrew to shed light on his alleged involvement in his crimes.

According to reports,  Queen Elizabeth was informed about the interview but it was for the purpose of informing her and not seeking her advice. “They would have advised, if their advice was sought, not to do it,” said Witchell. “The Queen was informed but she is 93 years old now and she is not exercising the strong control she had, if she ever did,” he added.

Witchell went on to reveal that the mainstream advisors of Queen Elizabeth were not part of the Prince Andrew debate, and Prince Andrew had no intention of letting them know about it. He did it because he wanted to do it.

“Andrew discussed this with his closest advisors, with his daughters, but he himself checked it was something he wanted to do,” said Witchell. Unfortunately, the headlines in the morning after his interview proved what he did was not a wise move at all.

Prince Andrew The Duke of York the opening of a new building for the collaborative research facility at The Hartree Centre in Daresbury. Science and Technology Facilities Council Follow/Flickr