Alice Braga is the star of "Queen Of The South," playing the role of Teresa Mendoza. The character, based on "La Reina Del Sur" by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, is a poor young woman from the “barrio” of Jalisco, Mexico who found a way to rise above her hopeless conditions—first by falling in love with a successful member of a drug cartel, then eventually by creating her own powerful drug empire and becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world. She learns the hard way that she can only depend on herself and stay one step ahead of everyone else if she wants to stay alive. As her desperation morphs into determination, Teresa’s journey to becoming the Queen of the South begins.

Now that we know all about Teresa Mendoza, let's get acquainted with that actress that gives life to the powerful character with these 10 tidbits about Braga:

1. Braga was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

2. Her mother, Ana Braga, and aunt Sonia Braga, are both actresses.

3. Braga appeared in a yogurt commercial at the age of eight.

4. Her first film was a short called "Trampolim" in 1998.

5. Braga's big break was with "City Of God" in 2002.

6. Her first English-language project was in 2006 with "Journey To The End Of Night."

7. In 2007, she starred opposite Will Smith in "I Am Legend."

8. She went on to star in films like "Crossing Over," "Redbelt," "Repo Man" and "Predators."

9. "Queen Of The South" will mark her TV lead debut in the U.S.

10. Braga is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

"Queen Of The South" premieres on June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on USA cable network.