A Miami real estate agent with a taste for cryptocurrency has been arrested on Friday, Dec. 24, after police found links between him and the killing of two homeless people and a suspected third victim.

Twenty-five-year-old Willy Suarez Maceo from Miami, Florida was booked for murder after surveillance footage caught the suspect driving up to 56-year-old homeless man Jerome Antonio Price in his Dodge Challenger and shooting the victim to death, the Daily Beast reported.

Earlier that night, he also attempted to kill another unnamed and unarmed homeless man by driving up to him and opening fire, but officers said that the man had improbably survived getting shot in the head, according to the New York Post.

“No one should be the victim of gun violence let alone our most vulnerable, those experiencing homelessness,” Ron Book from the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust said.

Dubbed a “suspected serial killer” by local police officers, his case is still under investigation as many believe that he has had more victims, with the Oct. 16 murder of homeless man Manuel Perez being linked by the surveillance footage reportedly showing a man who looks like Maceo.

“There may be other victims who suffered at the hands of this ruthless criminal,” Miami Interim Police Chief Manuel Morales said to the press.

Maceo is a licensed real estate broker for Century 21, a Florida-based real estate firm specializing in luxury homes that has properties in such parts of the country as Miami, Kendall, South Miami, and Palmetto Bay.

An immigrant from Cuba, Maceo appears to have a luxurious lifestyle, with social media pictures of him going to cryptocurrency conferences and posing in front of luxury vehicles like a brand-new Porsche.

He is currently being charged with murder and attempted murder. Bail has not been set for his case.

Miami-based real estate broker Willy Suarez Maceo found himself arrested on Christmas Eve after he was linked to the murder and attempted murder of two homeless individuals. This is a representational image. LOGAN WEAVER/Unsplash.

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