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Analysts are concerned as to why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues to flaunt his nuclear arsenal. Experts have come up with theories about the possible reasons Kim is continuing to provoke his rivals citing how the past few months saw North Korea conduct a series of ballistic missile tests, with their most provocative test launch being the missile that flew over Japan and landed far off its eastern waters

Western analysts have concerned themselves with Russia recently as they speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin may deploy tactical nukes in an attempt to soften Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops and force a surrender, Foreign Affairs reported. But with North Korea conducting several ballistic test launches, experts are now forced to turn their concerns to the east. Among the missiles test-fired by North Korea were submarine-launched ballistic missiles, a train-mounted ballistic missile, a brand-new surface-to-air defense missile, and a long-range cruise missile, alongside multiple hypersonic missiles. These are test launchers are believed to be a prelude to something more unsettling.

As for the excessive show of military might, one reason may be to improve its nuclear capabilities or to send a political message to the world, particularly its enemies, or it could also be to simply garner support and loyalty from inside the country.

However, according to North Korea’s state-run media, Kim has now explicitly revealed the reason behind the test launches. He said that the missile tests were in response to increased military activity by its enemies, namely South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Such activities were seen in the form of exercises and drills between the allied nations.

On the other hand, Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo claimed the drills were conducted separately and were aimed at preparing themselves in the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea. Kim suggested otherwise. With another round of war games in the works between South Korea and the U.S., Kim may just find a reason to go ahead with his plans. The supreme leader has long believed the exercises to be a rehearsal for an invasion by his enemies.

North Korea is said to have developed its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent for potential invaders. But experts are of the opinion that the reason behind the missile launches is nothing but preparation for North Korea’s seventh nuclear test, which will be its first in five years. Some believed the tests may also be a preparation for a small-scale attack on South Korea.

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