Mario Olvera
Music promoter Mario Olvera was murdered early Saturday morning in central Mexico ElSopranito's Instagram

The regional Mexican music community is reeling from a shocking incident that saw the death of Mario Olvera, a prominent music promoter for bands like Los Tigres del Norte, Banda El Recodo, and Grupo Firme. The devastating news was confirmed by his brother, Mexican artist El Jaki.

Olvera, aged 42, was the director of Ranch Music Sinaloa, which promotes regional Mexican music. His untimely death occurred in Puebla, deeply affecting the music and business community nationwide. He worked with notable names like Fuerza Regida, Grupo Frontera, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Banda la Adictiva, Carin León, Junior H, and Margarita "La Diosa de la Cumbia," among others.

El Yaki says good-bye

Mario Olvera killed in Mexico
Courtesy Ranch Music Sinaola

"This is how I bid you farewell, my brother! Because I know you would have liked me to share this... and I do it from the bottom of my heart because you certainly deserve it, you deserve recognition from me for the man you were and the things you shared and taught me; you were a great older brother... haha.. damn crazy bastard," wrote Luis Alberto Partida, better known as El Yaki, ex singer of Banda El Recodo, confirming the news.

"You taught me some badass things, and you opened my eyes to something that I am still gradually building today, I love you, bastard!! We always used to say, because that's how true friends talk! How the hell not! And they also give kisses of loyalty and respect, damn it! Fly high, buddy!" he added.

A Life Dedicated to Music Cut Short

The circumstances of his death are as tragic as they are violent. According to Mexican media, Olvera was fatally shot by three assailants, an account confirmed by local law enforcement.

The incident took place on Camino Real a Momoxpan, where it appears he was ambushed. Initial investigations suggest that the attackers planned the murder meticulously, involving a vehicular collision to force Olvera out of his car before shooting him. A motorcycle was used by one of the assailants to escape the scene, leaving behind the vehicle used in the crime.

Latin music and Mexican music stars have expressed their condolences to El Yaki and the rest of Olvera's family. Some of them have been Grupo Firme's Eduin Luna, Banda El Recodo's Poncho Lizárraga, Lorenzo Méndez, Gerardo Ortiz, Carolina Ross, JD Pantoja, Joss Favela, Guaynaa wrote to him on Instagram.

The news broke hours after the death of a member Grupo Firme's crew.

Olvera's next project was Los Tigres del Norte's presentation on Sunday`s March 12.

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