‘Reign’ Season 1 Spoilers: Major Casting Reveals Mystery Of ‘Clarissa’

Katie Boland will join the cast of "Reign" as Clarissa,the “a strange and almost feral young woman who hides in the shadows.” Getty Images

"Reign" is getting seriously twisted, with love triangles, politics, and Pagan assassination plots, there doesn't seem like there is any more room for mystery, but there are still several secrets soon to be revealed! Season 1 of "Reign" has introduced to a new cast of royal characters who each has a secret of their own, the series focuses on Mary, Queen of Scots has she arrives at French court. The young Queen is engaged to the next King of France, Prince Francis, however their engagement has been anything but happy. Aside from her three ladies in waiting, everyone at court seems to be an enemy. Mary's life was threatened initially upon her arrival in France in the pilot episode, however the plot to drug and dishonor the virginal Queen was spoiled by an unknown informant.

The informer places her hand upon a divider and tells Mary to not drink the wine served at the wedding feast. After protecting Mary, we soon learn that this unknown informant is named Clarissa, her name is revealed by Charles, Francis's young brother who is seen talking and playing with someone in the shadows. Mary attempts to gain the mysterious informer trust, while searching for Clarissa, Mary enters the passageway in her chambers and offers to play a game with Clarissa. As a result of the game, Clarissa also revealed to Mary that it was in fact her soon-to-be mother in law, Queen Catherine, who was responsible for this attack on her purity.

But this was not the last we saw of the "castle ghost," in episode 4 "Hearts and Mind" Queen Catherine acknowledges the existence of Clarissa, when she mentions that the archery targets are modeled to look like the young woman who lurks in the shadows. At the end of the episode, the camera eerily pans to the floor, showing that Clarissa is in fact hidden under Mary's bed. And while, the "castle ghost" may seem like a creepy stalker, we think that Clarissa will continue to be a necessary ally to the young queen. And her role is about to seriously increase, Katie Boland will take on the role of Clarissa putting a much needed face to the elusive name. Although we never said it was going to be a pretty face like Mary and her flawless friends, her face is described as being "severely disfigured" in which she keeps hidden under a potato bag. Her past and story will slowly be uncovered, and albeit interesting Clarissa will begin to seriously affect the present. According to Entertainment Weekly, "Clarissa's past is a tantalizing puzzle that will reach out to change the lives around her in ways no one suspects."

We think that Queen Catherine knows more about Clarissa and her dark past then anyone. She is the only cast member that has openly acknowledged the "castle ghost" to others, namely Mary. However, Nostradamus, who serves as Queen Catherine's closet adviser and confidant, also knows of Clarissa's existence, and questions the young girl about her budding relationship with Mary. Does Catherine have something to do with her disfigurement or is the ruthless ruler the reason she leads an nearly feral life?


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