'Reign' Spoilers: Will Mary And Francis Get Married Or Will Queen Catherine Intervene In Episode 8 'Fated'?

Francis and Mary in episode 8 "Fated," will the young lovers finally be married or will Nostradamus's prophecy complicated things? CW

"Reign" may be hosting a royal wedding, but Queen Catherine of France is going to do everything in her power to stop it. If you aren't already full addicted to the first season of the series, than now is your time to fall in love with Mary Queen of Scots and the rest of the royals on CW's hit new show. Episode 8, "Fated" is the midseason finale of "Reign" and Mary and Princes Francis may finally tie the knot. The royally adorable couple has had their fair share of ups and downs, between Francis's former love Olivia returning to French court, and the King's bastard son Bash falling in love with Mary, their walk down the aisle will be anything but easy. However, following episode 7 "Left Behind" Mary and Francis have committed themselves to each other and have both admitted their deep feelings for each other. Viewers were thrilled to see these star crossed lovers in each other arms, considering they are engaged to each other, it seems like Mary and Francis will live happily ever after.

But like all good dramas, the universe doesn't seem to want them together. In the preview video for "Fated" King Henry is seen telling his son and future daughter-in-law that their wedding should occur soon. And while it seems that Mary has finally earned the King's blessing, her future mother-in-law is still not convinced. Queen Catherine has a deep connection with her trusted adviser, Nostradamus, who provides the troubled Queen with potions, lotions, and of course prophecy. While Mary has felt Catherine's anger and resentment from the moment she arrived at court, she has not known exactly why. The deep secret that Catherine hides is a prophecy claimed by Nostradamus, and while viewers know it, the royals don't. Nostradamus' prophecy that Francis' marriage to Mary will result in his untimely death. Queen Catherine has been doing her best to break off the proposal between Mary and her son, but in episode 8 instead of backstabbing the young Queen, Catherine reveals her secret, telling Mary that she will be the cause of Francis' death.

According to the synopsis for "Fated," the prophecy will cause Mary to "make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis." This leads us to believe that Catherine's wish will be granted and the couple will not be married. Mary, proclaimed that she would "enter into hell" for Francis, so we are assuming she will do something extreme to change the relationship, and maybe even his fate. Check out the preview video for episode 8 below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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