Rey Mysterio Retirment
Wrestler, Rey Mysterio Jr. is contemplating retirement Reuters

Following the passing of his long time friend and wrestling co-worker, Perro Aguayo, rumors out of Mexico this weekend hinted that legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio Jr. was considering retirement after many people believe he was responsible for his friend’s tragic death.

Despite what Aguayo’s own family says, Mysterio bears the burden of having a hand in his childhood friend’s death. Not only was Mysterio one of the wrestlers in the ring at the time of Aguayo’s death, but Mysterio delivered the flying kick to the head and neck area of “Hijo del Perro Aguayo” that reportedly snapped his spinal cord, eventually leading to death by cardiac arrest.

Mysterio is currently being investigated by Tijuana police for potential manslaughter, and is being accused by members of the media, the wrestling community and fans, of killing Aguayo. Let me be clear that this was a freak accident that occurred and Rey Mysterio Jr. did not intentionally try and kill Perro Aguayo. Nonetheless, there are two types of manslaughter charges, voluntary and involuntary and the latter is the unintentional killing of another human being.

It will be up to the police and a court to decide if Mysterio is guilty of involuntary manslaughter and whether or not he was directly responsible for the tragic death. Our thoughts and prayers should be with the family of Perro Aguayo at this time, and we all should be cognizant of that fact that Mysterio must bear the load of some tremendous guilty and grief right now.

As far as retirement is concerned, that will be up to Rey Mysterio Jr. himself to decide. In the interim, Mysterio made an appearance in Santa Clara on Friday night at a WaleMania event ahead of WWE’s Wrestlemania this weekend. When asked if he was going to retire, Mysterio mentioned he had no plans of hanging up his mask and boots just yet. We will find out if and when Mysterio returns to the ring.

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