Olivia Aydin, 9, discovered her father Bill's infidelity through a 'horrible' video on TikTok, prompting Jennifer to validate the accusations with her five children.

Margaret Josephs revealed that Jennifer Aydin's husband, plastic surgeon Bill Aydin, had an affair a decade ago on the season 12 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Jennifer, 44, disclosed that Bill's infidelity was with a pharmaceutical salesperson during the fight.

Jennifer told Page Six after the Feb. 1 episode aired that she and Bill's youngest child, Olivia, discovered her father's affair through TikTok.

According to the Garden State resident, Olivia defended her parents by denying the affair.

The reality star continued that Olivia came to me to show me her remark and said she's protecting the parents from all of these lies.

“This is my mommy and daddy and this is not true,” Olivia commented on the TikTok video, according to Jennifer.

After asking Olivia to delete her remarks, Jennifer told Olivia (per reports) tha releasing things are not nice. She explained that maybe they should not draw any attention.

"I sat her down and held my cool because I knew [my kids] would react to Mommy's behavior," Jennifer said.

Jennifer put on a brave face and told her child that her father had done something wrong. That does not, however, imply that he is a bad person.

"And when we love people, we forgive them when they make mistakes. And I’ve forgiven him and I’m OK.’ She wasn’t upset because I wasn’t upset," the mother added.

Jennifer also testified that she and Bill notified their four other children about the affair: Gabriella, 14, Justin, 17, Jacob, 12, and Christian, ten.

She said that the incident, as mentioned earlier, happened while she was expecting Christian.

Jennifer says she and Bill are in "a great place" right now and have opted to watch "New Jersey" together for the fifth time as therapy.

She went on to say that she didn't want to be the one to bring it up or discuss it since it would be at the expense of my children, and she didn't think it was worth it.

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