'Rica Famosa Latina' Season 3
Two fan favorites will not be returning for the third season of "Rica Famosa Latina" Season 3, which has fans extremely upset. EstrellaTV

If you have been following "Rica Famosa Latina" on Estrella TV, you will know that Season 2 ended in a fight between fan favorites Estela Mora and Elisa Beristain. The latter was extremely upset because Mora was allegedly spreading gossip about her psychological condition. In the last episode of the season we see Estela completely blind-sighted by Pepe Garza's wife who attacks her inside a restaurant in Glendale as she was having lunch with Luzelba Mansour. Estela, fearing for her life, calls police to put a stop to Elisa as production did not intervene at all. On the episode that was broadcasted, we then see Estela holding on to a camera and then being arrested. During the reunion show, Beristain said that Mora hit police and that is why she ended up being handcuffed by officers. Mora alleges that she merely kept the camera to preserve the memory sticks to have proof of the altercation.

Fans of the show expected a resolution to this situation during Season 3, but unfortunately this will not be on camera. Both, Estela and Elisa, are not part of the regular cast and will not appear any longer on "Rica Famosa Latina." The new set of cast was revealed in a poster promoting the new season starting in September. In that image we see new additions like Niurka Marcos, Mayeli Rivera (Lupillo Rivera's wife) and Andrea Garcia (Andres Garcia's daughter). Rosie Rivera (Jenni Rivera's sister) has also left the series. Returning Latinas include television host Victoria Del Rosal, Luzelba Mansour, Sandra Vidal and Sissi Fleitas. The reason as to why these two ladies will not be returning is unsure, but it has gotten fans upset. Estela Mora was always portrayed as a classy lady, she got into issues, but she had a proper way to resolve them, unlike Elisa Beristain who was just an animal. Estela Mora supporters have taken to social media and expressed their sadness she will no longer be part of the reality and demand "justice." Take a look at some of the tweets here:

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