Sandra Vidal On 'Rica Famosa Latina' Season 3
The girls of "Rica Famosa Latina" are back on Estrella TV and we got insider information directly from Sandra Vidal. EstrellaTV

The drama is on as the third season of "Rica Famosa Latina" comes upon us. With new cast additions, new friendships forming and bonds breaking, the girls are in for a bumpy road ahead. Sandra Vidal is one of the leading ladies of this real life telenovela and gave us some insight as to what we will see in this new season. If you have been following the previous seasons, you know that Vidal has a son with Mexican singer Pablo Montero. We have seen her struggled a lot raising her son as a single mother and working full-time as a realtor in the Los Angeles area. Sandra has been an open book about the challenges she has faced with the "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo" actor not always being on-time with his child support checks.

During Season 3, Sandra Vidal confirmed exclusively to LatinTimes that she will have an encounter and come face to face with Mr. Montero. The meet-up was captured by "Rica Famosa Latina" cameras and viewers will get an insight as to what went down in Cozumel, México. This makes us truly happy as Sandra has always wanted her son to bond more with his father and due to the distance this tends to be a little difficult. The former "Angeles" star says she has let in the cameras into her life so other women in the same situation can see themselves reflected in her. Seeing the process that she has gone through will help other women face adversity and shine through.

"I am a public figure, it is the price we have to pay," she told us about having her daily life exposed on television. "It's not something I am ashamed of, it's a problem that single mothers have. I think that people that are in the public eye have a responsibility so other people can see themselves reflected in our lives and to not feel alone." Sandra Vidal also told us that things with cast mate Sissi Fleitas are much smoother this season and their bond is stronger after all the turmoil last season. You can't miss the Season 3 premiere of "Rica Famosa Latina" starting Monday, September 21 at 7pm/6c on Estrella TV.

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