Riley Reid previously had fears that her porn career may hinder her chances of finding the right partner. Those worries are now put to rest after the 29-year-old revealed on Instagram that she is engaged to Latvian freerunner Pasha Petkuns.

“We’re in love & engaged to be married. I can’t wait spend the rest of my life with you @pashatheboss,” Reid’s IG post read.

Since posting it, Riley Reid’s post has garnered more than 159,000 likes. It answers the initial concerns of the porn actress of finding the right one as she struggled in past relationships. Now, her fans are happy and delighted she has found Mr. Right.

Before the announcement, Reid was so open about what was going on in her life – particularly about finding the right partner. Some had a problem with her job and it took someone with a special kind of understanding to bear with her. That came in the person of Petkuns.

“Knowing I carry the weight of shame around me I find it hard to believe that some day someone will accept me and love me for all of me. But I can hope,” Reid said.

This development comes not long after it appeared that Reid was linked to YouTuber Tana Mongeau in January. Both were dating and most were left with the impression that the two could end up a couple. Mongeau is bisexual and was in a previous relationship with actress Bella Thorne. Even before that, Mongeau was allegedly married to YouTuber Jake Paul. It was later on ruled illegal although the 22-year-old admitted that she loved the YouTuber.

Little has developed since then and it appears that the alleged relationship did not fly. Regardless, Reid proved he could find the right man for her, someone who will accept her even if she is a porn star.

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