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Netizens were left confused when posts saying that British actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for playing comic character Mr Bean died Tuesday morning, popped up.

The rumor started when a fake Twitter account of Fox News shared a post saying that Atkinson "died at 58 after a car accident," reported ABP Live. However, the "Johnny English" actor is 66-year-old, so it didn't take much time for netizens to figure out that he had become a victim of fake news, once again.

One tweeted that this "is an example of a false news as he is already 66 years old and this is not the first time that happened to him." Another asked how many times must rumors of his death be spread? The Twitter user felt that it's almost as if "people want him dead."

Back in 2016, a Facebook page titled "RIP Rowan Atkinson" was set up that claimed that the comedian, who first essayed the role of Mr Bean in 1990, was found at his residence in an unconscious state.

But Atkinson did have a near death experience years ago. In March 2001, during a flight, the pilot of his private plane fainted, according to Daily Star. After the pilot passed out, the actor was involved in a mid-air rescue and had to take quick action to save his and his family's lives.

Atkinson, who was believed to have been on a family holiday in Kenya at that time, reportedly took control of the Cessna 202 aircraft. After getting several slaps by the actor, the pilot managed to regain consciousness and was able to land the plane safely at the airport.

Rowan Atkinson net worth

The Hollywood actor has a lucrative acting career, and his net worth is estimated to be $150 million. There were reports that he will star in the upcoming season of gangster-drama "Peaky Blinders." Apart from acting, he is also into production. He has a production company named Hindmeck, which reportedly helped him earn millions of dollars.

Atkinson also made a fortune with his show, "Mr Bean," despite it having only 15 episodes in the original series. It was shown on more airlines than any other in-flight program and was sold to 94 nations, earning him approximately 9 million pounds ($1,20,13,560).

British actor Rowan Atkinson
British actor Rowan Atkinson at the film 'Johnny English 3' Promotion event on November 1, 2018 in Shanghai, China. Photo by Hugo Hu/Getty Images

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