The world admires the British royal family for their smarts. However, there is one royal family member who particularly stands out from the rest — and she is neither Queen Elizabeth nor Princess Eugenie.

For a long time, people regarded Princess Eugenie as the most intelligent of all the royals, at least in terms of grades. She finished a degree from NewCastle University, where her two As and B placed her in a higher rank than her sister, Beatrice, who received an A and two Bs from the same university.

In terms of skills, Queen Elizabeth is just as admirable despite her lack of formal schooling. At 91, she can still ride a horse and speak French fluently. In her early childhood, a governess visited the palace to tutor her every day, particularly on constitutional history.

According to “Young Elizabeth” author Professor Kate Williams, the Queen’s father did not like school and her mother thought it was more important to have fun, so they did not enroll Queen Elizabeth in a normal school. Instead, they prepared her for her future role in the monarchy.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince William, studied at St. Andrews University in Scotland with a 2:1 degree in geography. It was in the same university that he met his wife, Kate Middleton, who also graduated with a 2:1 in history of art. A certified achiever, Prince Harry also received two A-levels in school and performed well in the army.

Last year, Meghan Markle joined the ranks of the brainy royals, and she instantly stood out, topping the achievements of Princess Eugenie. The Duchess of Sussex received a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and International Studies from Northwestern University, one of the top universities in the U.S.

An inherently intelligent woman, Meghan did not box herself in school. She spent a semester out in Spain and learned new skills, particularly calligraphy. Once in her life, she also moved to Argentina to expand her portfolio and serve at the American Embassy in Buenos Aires. 

Even before she became a royal, many already admired Meghan for her smarts. She’s an articulate and outspoken woman who goes the extra mile to defend her advocacies. In a recent speech, the duchess spoke about the value of higher education and how it could profoundly impact the world.

“The experience of attending university allows students to graduate into the world with the social skills and intellectual prowess that will set them up for greater success,” she said. “That happens not simply on a micro level in their own lives, but on a macro level,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II; Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, watch the RAF 100th anniversary flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Paul Grover - WPA Pool/Getty Images