If Russia invades Ukraine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Europe could face its worst conflict in almost seven decades.

The prime minister told BBC's Sophie Raworth in an interview that there are indicators that Russia has already launched its plot to invade Ukraine. He added that an attack might result in many fatalities.

"All the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun," Johnson said. "People need to understand the sheer cost in human life that could entail."

"I'm afraid that is what the evidence points to, and there is no burnishing it, no hiding it," he added.

A source familiar with the information told CNN that Russian leaders have already given orders to strike Ukraine, citing the most recent reports from US intelligence. However, they did warn that the charges could be misinformation intended to confuse and deceive the United States.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden believes that Russia has already "decided" to invade. According to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Russian soldiers are currently moving into the locations required to conduct an attack on Ukraine.

Johnson said thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine as mortars, artillery, and rocket-propelled grenades are fired along the front line.

Officials in Ukraine have blamed the shellings on separatists backed by Russia, who have claimed that Ukraine is plotting an offensive on the territory they control.

According to The New York Times, a dramatic demonstration of ballistic and cruise missiles by the Kremlin on Saturday, presided over by Russian President Vladimir Putin, added to fears of invasion.

It's uncertain whether and when Russian military will invade Ukraine. On the other hand, on Sunday, Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone and agreed to examine the possibility of a truce.

Élysée Palace said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom Macron called quickly after his meeting with Putin, has stated that any conceivable ceasefire will be respected.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday that Biden had accepted in principle to meet with Putin in a drive for diplomacy. If there is no invasion, the meeting will be held later this week.

"President Biden accepted in principle a meeting with President Putin following that engagement, again, if an invasion hasn’t happened. We are always ready for diplomacy," Psaki said.

More than 150,000 Russian troops are surrounding Ukraine on three sides.

Satellite photographs obtained by Reuters show that assault helicopters, ground-attack aircraft, and fighter-bomber jets were also captured heading to forward locations. Russia has maintained its denial that it is planning an invasion of Ukraine.

Protesters hold placards during a rally outside of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affair in Kyiv on February 21, 2022 during the action "Turn sanctions ON!". - Protesters demand immediate blockade of the Nord Stream 2 project, the deepening of sanctions against Russia's energy sector, the exclusion of Moscow from the SWIFT financial system and the imposition of other sanctions already in place to curb Russia's aggression. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images

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