Amid Russia-Ukraine war, Britain was warned by Russia’s Defense Ministry Tuesday against a planned spy plane flight over its territory.

The warning comes as tensions between Russia and the West continue over Moscow’s action in Ukraine, reported the Associated Press. Britain had sent a notice that was related to a planned flight of an RC-135 reconnaissance plane along a route that partly passes over Russian territory, said the ministry.

The ministry noted that they they regard this action as a "deliberate provocation." They also shared that the Russian Air Force has been “given the task to prevent the violation of the Russian border.” The ministry said in a statement that all possible consequences of "this deliberate provocation will lie entirely with the British side." They didn't specify when and where the UK flight was planned.

According to US News, a UK Ministry of Defence source denied that Britain had asked for permission to fly a spy plane over Russia.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that one of their fighter jets was scrambled to intercept a British RC-135 reconnaissance plane. It had reportedly crossed the Russian border near the Svyatoi Nos cape. It is between the Barents and the White Seas. The ministry said that the MiG-31 fighter was successful in forcing the intruder out.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that Ukrainian recruits are getting UK training. Just a few weeks ago, Serhiy worked as a business analyst and Zakhar as a civil engineer, but now they are soldiers. They are training to liberate Ukraine from Russia’s invasion. They are doing it more than 1,000 miles away in Britain.

The two are among several hundred Ukrainian recruits going through infantry training at an army base in southeast England. They are spending weeks learning skills including marksmanship and battlefield first aid. Serhiy, who like the other Ukrainians did not want his full name to be revealed due to security concerns, said that the most important part is "urban training, because it’s the most dangerous combat, in cities." According to him, the British instructors have a "lot of experience, from Iraq and Afghanistan." He feels that Ukrainians can adapt all this knowledge to the "Ukrainian situation and use it to liberate our country from Russian invasion.”

Major Craig Hutton, a Scots Guards officer helping to oversee the training, said that they are running a "basic infantry course." It takes the recruits and "teaches them to shoot well, to move and communicate well within any tactical environment, and to medicate well." Hutton shared that many of the Ukrainian troops have little military experience but “they are so motivated."

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