Samsung teased an upcoming clamshell phone during the annual developer's conference last month. Not much is known yet about the upcoming device but recent reports already hinted on its release date as well as its price range.

The retail price of the still-unnamed clamshell phone will be around 1 million won or $845, according to the Korea Herald. The publication also added that the new phone will likely arrive by February 2020 as it will likely be launched alongside the Galaxy S11.

The upcoming phone will be different from Samsung’s current foldable phone appropriately named Galaxy Fold. While the Galaxy Fold opens up horizontally like a book, the upcoming clamshell phone will open vertically like the Motorola Razr.

Samsung is expected to unveil two foldable devices next year. Aside from the clamshell model that will be launch in February, the company will also introduce a newer version of the Galaxy Fold.

According to Kyobo Securities analyst Choi Bo-young, Samsung will be using the clamshell phone to gauge market response toward fordable phones. “Samsung’s plan to expand the foldable product lineup depends on the market response to the clamshell model slated for launch in 2020, but it is clear the firm will increase the lineup,” Choi Bo-young said.

Samsung said that the clamshell model will have a few advantages over its non-folding counterparts. “This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone,” Samsung’s framework R&D group head Hyesoon Jeong said, according to Daily Mail.

Aside from Samsung, other phone manufacturers are increasingly becoming interested in the foldable smartphone niche. TCL, for instance, unveiled the Plex, a foldable smartphone prototype, according to Android Authority.

One of the most distinctive features of the TCL Plex is that it folds at two places thanks to its double-hinged designed. Because of this feature, the phone basically transforms into a 10-inch tablet.

Meanwhile, there are talks that LG Electronics will be launching a foldable phone next year. The company reportedly partnered with the Netherlands-based online IT outlet, Let’sGo Digital, to come up with the design of the foldable gadget.