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A team of SAS veterans has joined Ukraine’s defenses in its fight against the Russian invasion. The team is made up of retired UK special forces soldiers who volunteered for missions deep inside Ukraine to support its military defense line. Over a dozen have already arrived in Ukraine with another team expected to arrive this week.

According to the Mirror, the ex-paratroopers will include highly-trained snipers as well as anti-aircraft and anti-tank experts all aged between 40 to 60 years old. The British government is not paying for the operations but an unnamed European country is funding the movement through a private military company.

Meetings have been taking place over the past week as to plans of signing up for joining teams with Ukraine special forces and UK military specialists. Key operations will involve snipers taking out Russian forward air spotters and Moscow special forces guiding airstrikes onto Ukrainian troops and local communities. Sources say all SAS vets heading for Ukraine are high-level experts in the use of Javelin and Stinger missiles. The military move is strategically seen as a way to back Ukraine’s military without having to officially send troops to serve and fight against Russian forces.

No British Army officers have signed up for the operation but several warrant officers, sergeants, and corporals have joined in, all of whom have seen battle all over the world.

The support comes after Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky called on international allies to help defend his homeland against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offensives. As both Ukrainian troops and civilians retaliated against the invasion of their nation’s capital and other key cities, official Ukrainian data showed casualties of over 5,000 Russian troops in battles throughout the cities of Ukraine.

The SAS crack team is a specialized team of veterans who have fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other global conflicts and peace-keeping efforts. “A lot of ex-parachute regiment colleagues are also very keen to go. Many people are very keen to go and it has had to be organized very quickly,” one ex-SAS paratrooper said.

He added how the situation is deemed to be desperate and in indeed of urgent help emphasizing that the operation is considered legal as none of the men who signed up are currently serving and follows the initiative of Ukraine in inviting any citizen of the world willing to take arms and help them fight.

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