A school superintendent from Wisconsin was charged with false imprisonment on Monday, Feb. 28, after she allegedly inappropriate searched and asked six female students of her school to strip naked so she could frisk them for a vape pen.

Fifty-one-year-old Kelly Casper, who is the Suring Public Schools Superintendent, was slapped with the charges after she reportedly made four students strip down to their underwear in a school bathroom while inappropriately frisking two other students in search of a vape pen, according to the Daily Beast.

“The State concludes that Kelly Casper lacked legal authority to confine the students in a small restroom located off the nurses office located in the Suring School Public School complex,” District Attorney Edward Burke said. “The facts and surrounding circumstances leads the State to conclude that the children involved did not consent to being confined.”

One student was asked to go to the principal’s office due to suspicion of having a vape pen in her body. When Casper made her go to a private bathroom to be searched, the student refused to strip her clothing due to not having any underwear, Law&Crime reported.

Casper then used her hands to search her from the waistband of her leggings to her knees and calves, before sliding her hand to an area over her buttocks and sliding down the back of her leg. The act made the student uncomfortable due to past trauma where she was asked to take off her clothes.

Four other students were cornered in a school bathroom, and with Casper guarding the door to prevent them from leaving, asked the four students to strip down to their underwear. She also asked them to pull their bras away from their bodies to search for possible hidden cartridges in their body.

“None of the children involved were given the opportunity to leave,” Burke said. “The only choice they were given was to have the search conducted by a police officer or Casper.”

Casper does not deny that the incident occurred but instead touts her reported training and certificates in searching students for contraband, and she also claims to have searched over 20 students in her previous school without any complaints.

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Casper faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

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