When did exes become so complicated? Now that Selena Gomez is reportedly moving on with her life - away from all the past drama that she was embroiled in, one of her exes is said to be not letting her off the hook that easily.

With the successful launch of two of her new singles, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” Gomez can be said to be the perfect role model for women who had been hurt in love and in life but now have completely healed. After going into a hiatus for several years in her acting and music career,  she really came back strong.

Even if her AMAs 2019 performance was quite shaky, no one could deny the fact that she's back and no longer just Justin Bieber's jilted ex this time.  Also, it was reported that before she went up onstage, she had a panic attack. BUT.SHE.PUSHED.THROUGH

However, not everyone in the previous chapter of her life allegedly wants to see her leave her past and start anew - The Weeknd, in particular. 

Gomez’s ex returned to Instagram after several months of being silent on that social media, for a good reason. The Weeknd announced his upcoming album. The picture he posted is a blurry black and white one, leaving one wondering what it is. His equally cryptic caption “The fall starts tomorrow night,” leaves one thinking what he specifically means. But as long as fans know that this is about his new music, they’re surely happy enough. 

However, there are speculations that the upcoming single will certainly about Selena Gomez. According to ASCAP, in preparation for the release of his new music, the Weeknd already registered a song with the title, “Like Selena.” 

According to Radar Online, the “Starboy” singer already used the words “Like Selena” in his song “Party Monster.” This was even before the time they started dating, making fans see that he was long in love with Gomez. The two started dating in early 2017. 

That was not the only time The Weeknd felt compelled to sing about Taylor Swift’s BFF, though. When they broke up n the latter part of 2017, The Weeknd released a song entitled “Call Out My Name,” to signal how rocky their relationship was becoming until Gomez left him to go back with Justin Bieber.

This naturally hurt The Weeknd

As such, the new song can be Gomez’s signal to move further ahead or broke her once more. The single can go both ways after all. Either The Weeknd rehashing some past hurts that Selena inflicted on him, or be about some precious and good memories of Gomez that he cannot let go of.

Instead of some love song professing how she was probably the one that got away from him, the single may be the Weeknd's way to get back at the former Disney star. Radar Online claimed that this new song just might be Gomez's nightmare if she's put in a bad light after her quite short but tumultuous relationship with the Weeknd. 

Who knows, he can also be singing about how everyone should start over “like Selena.” 

Whatever he's going to be singing about in relation to Selena, this means it will not be easy for Gomez to leave the past for good. 

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Selena Gomez and The Weeknd at the Met Gala 2017 Red Carpet. Getty Images