A senior citizen was apprehended on Thursday after pointing a gun at a fitness club manager earlier this week for allowing members to exercise without masks.

Michael Florhaug, 64, evoked panic at LA Fitness in Maplewood on Monday after firing gunshots, directing the trigger toward the manager, cited Mike Olson, the assistant manager. He is currently charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Court documents are yet to specify whether there’s an attorney to represent Florhaug.

The complaint suggested that things took an untoward turn after Florhaug confronted a front-desk employee about his nonchalance pertaining to the club’s members not following the COVID-19 mandate of wearing masks whenever out.

Just as things began spiraling out of control, Olson stepped in to cite that the inadequacy in staff count was the reason there was a lax in enforcing the COVID-19 rule. A media outlet maintains that Olson suggested that Florhaug “was welcome to pay an employee out of his own pocket to enforce the mask rules”. The conversation irked Florhaug, who then began to yell out profanities at the manager and even threatened to photograph club members.

Olson however managed to bring the situation under control by taking the gun away from Florhaug. He eventually exited through the front entrance of the gym after Olson reportedly subdued him. The gun was returned to Florhaug, who put it back in his sweatshirt pocket and walked away.

A deeper investigation into the matter is underway.

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