A madman carried out a grisly machete attack on his family and claimed the life of his grandfather and wounded two family members, including his 4-year-old sister, inside Brooklyn apartment building on Jan. 3, Sunday, stated police authorities.

Dayquan Dubose, 22, slashed his little sister’s right leg, and fatally stabbed his grandfather shortly before slashing his brother in law to the right hand. While they were rushed to a hospital nearby, the grandfather succumbed to the injuries. The other two are reportedly recuperating from the attack.

Cops were alerted of an attack in a second-floor residential complex on Putnam Avenue near Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 6.20 p.m. While the real cause behind the violence is yet to be known, authorities believe the incident might have occurred due to some domestic dispute. While Dubose allegedly tried to flee the scene, a witness managed to keep him around until the cops arrived. Dubose was taken to custody on the same night of the attack.

Not much has been divulged about his criminal history.

A Rikers Island inmate reportedly attacked and smothered a Big Apple jail captain with feces while the officer was conducting a tour of the cells. This is a representational image. Shutterstock/BlueSkyImage

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