Fans of the British dramedy "Sex Education" have been counting down the days after the last episode aired on Netflix, and while the second season debuted about a year ago, we now have some good news about the forthcoming third season. "Sex Education" season 3 has been announced for 2021, according to reports. The only question now is when it will be published.

Many people are still on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next chapter of this story. So, here's what the rumor mill is saying about "Sex Education" season 3's debut.

More sexual frustrations, experimentation, and coming-of-age are unavoidable for the students at Moordale Secondary. Netflix revealed on Twitter in February 2020 that they renewed "Sex Education" for the third season. The announcement came just one month after the premiere of the second season on Jan. 17, 2020.

Although the coronavirus pandemic prevented "Sex Education" (and several other shows) from returning to production as scheduled, Otis, Maeve, and their classmates were finally able to return to Moordale in the fall of 2020.

Netflix announced on Twitter the show's return to production in early September, along with a nice video of various cast members. Aside from a hint about Jean's pregnancy (more on that below) and a strange shot of Kular having a giant mold of his head made for reasons unknown.

A Deadline report pointed out that producers always set the show return in 2021. However, most believe that new episodes will be released in June or July this year, according to a rumor circulating on Reddit. This isn't an official timeline, though.

Meanwhile, TechnoSports said "Sex Education" producers have yet to announce Season 3's full cast. With recording artist Dua Saleh as a returning student who will clash with the new headmistress Hope, played by Jemima Kirke, Jason's Isaac's Peter Groff must prove their excellence to his headteacher brother.

It's also likely that the characters from the teaser video will return. Asa Butterfield, Gillan Anderson, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells and Patricia Allison are in season three.

Laurie Nunn, who created the series and oversaw the first two episodes, would almost certainly direct the third. Furthermore, she told LADBible that she hopes director Ben Taylor, who has been behind the camera for a few episodes, will return, so it seems that he will. Plus, since Jamie Campbell and Jon Jennings created both seasons, they'll almost certainly lead the third.

As for the plot, Inspired Traveler said the British drama's second season ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. Issac (George Robinson) deleted Otis's (Asa Butterfield) voicemail to Maeve (Emma Mackey). Otis then realized his true feelings for Maeve in the second season, but he was late because Maeve's new neighbor Issac stepped into the show to disperse the spotlight. The show's third season would undoubtedly mark a turning point in Otis and Maeve's love tale, as well as many of the show's sex educational plots.

Many people also ask if the producers would make the upcoming season the last for "Sex Education." Netflix has a history of canceling series after their third season, although it hasn't been reported if "Sex Education" will be the final installment. However, according to Gillian Anderson, this does not seem to be the intention.

The actress told Collider that moving beyond Season 3 "has been debated," and she doesn't seem to be changing her mind, given how well viewers receive the show. Many fans hate to see "Sex Education" go, but it's all in the hands of the big streamer, so fingers crossed.

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