It's challenging to picture Anastasia Lugovaya's pain the first time around. The well-known Ukrainian TV host was assaulted, strangled, and nearly raped. Much of this occurred in front of her son's eyes. She posts on social media about the heinous attack that occurred in August 2020.

Anastasia Lugovaya claims that she was afraid for her life months after the heinous act. Although he survived and avoided the worst, the TV star is still suffering from the attack. Anastasia Lugovaya traveled from Mariupol to Kiev with her son on Aug. 1 of last year when the incident occurred. The sex abuser attacked her as she was sleeping, beating and choking her. The man, Vitaly Rudzko, then attempted to rape the television host.

When her son began to scream, she begged Rudzko to take her to a different train section. Lugovaya claims she feared for her life when she saw a knife lying around.

'I heard my son crying and thought it was an opportunity to escape. So I told him to go to my son to stop him crying, because he could wake everyone on the train. He agreed but said he would come back," Lygova said.

"I left his compartment and ran off. I took my son and we both ran barefoot to get help. I ran straight to the conductor. She slept and didn't open the door. I knocked on everyone's door." In another wagon, they eventually found a conductor. "We were finally saved from the man," says the Ukrainian.

Rudzko was apprehended and jailed. But Lygova's life remained in fear. Her son needed psychological help. She began keeping an online journal about her experiences and speaking out against abuse.

But Lugovaya can finally put the past behind her today, just a few days after Rudzko's death. On Apr. 13, the sex offender died in custody. He died of cancer, according to reports.

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Posted by Anastaisha Lygova on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"I don't want to get too emotional, but I want to say that the fear I've lived in all the time has made me worry about what would happen if Rudzko comes out of prison, if he would find me, how I would live on... This fear has died with him," Lygova said.

The next court appearance is scheduled for May 19. Lygova is reportedly planning to sue the Ukrainian railway for the incident.

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