Singing sensation Shakira and soccer superstar Gerard Piqué have been together for six years, and are the parents of two adorable little boys, Milan and Sasha. But lately, rumors about the couple getting married and/or expecting their third child have been swirling high, but the songstress shut them down in less than a few minutes.

While on a four-day visit to her native Colombia, Shak held a press conference in Barranquilla, where she addressed the gossip, and other much more important things such as children’s rights, equality and peace in her country.

“For now there is no plan for a wedding nor am I pregnant,” she said matter-of-factly. “We're very happy the way we are, and for now there are no plans for marriage.”

As a special message for the paparazzi, the “Waka, Waka” singer said: “And because I have paparazzi at my door going through the garbage to see if they can find any proof of pregnancy, let me make it clear: I'm not pregnant, so they can go home and wash their little hands.”

However, according to her beau Piqué, the possibility of expanding the family is not so far fetched. Last month, the soccer star paid a visit to the “Yes, I’m Famous” TV show, where he said it could definitely happen. “We're not closing the door on a third child,” he said. “I've always wanted to have three [children],” Piqué added. “We're dedicated to our first and our second, but if there's a third child, he or she will be very welcomed.”

Sources at the time even said the couple was definitely going to “look for the girl” and had the dates all planned out for their third child to be born next January, but it seems like the couple’s hands are pretty full at the moment, and even if they do expand the family eventually, it doesn't look like it's going to happen very soon.