For those who loved “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and are hoping to see more, your prayers have been answered.

It has been confirmed in a report from Deadline that a sequel is indeed happening although details are limited for now. The only thing to expect is that director Destin Daniel Cretton will be back for the “Shang-Chi” sequel after signing a multi-year deal with Marvel Studios on Disney+ and Hulu’s Onyx Collective.

It appears Cretton will have busy days ahead. Aside from the “Shang-Chi” sequel, he will also develop TV projects for both Marvel Studios for Disney+ and Onyx Collective across all platforms, including Hulu.

“Destin is a powerhouse storyteller with impeccable taste in material. As we continue to expand our roster, Destin’s unique voice will help usher in an exciting slate of content for our global audience,” Tara Duncan, President, Freeform & Onyx Collective said.

As far as who will be back for the “Sang-Chi” sequel, confirmation has yet to be done. SImu Liu will likely return as the main star but there is no mention on whether other Asian actors like Awkwafina, Tony Leung, and Michelle Yeoh will be back as well.

The film opened over Labor Day weekend and owns the highest-grossing domestic release to date this year with $224.5 million.

For those who may not know,”Shang-Chi” tells the story of Shawn that opens in San Francisco. His secrets slowly unravel when assassins sent by his father (Xu Wenwu (Leung)) try to recover a pendant that he and his sister, XIaling (Meng’er Zhang) have.

It turns out that all of it was part of a bigger mission by his father to bring Shawn and Xialing back believing to help bring back his wife/ mother, Leiko Wu (Fala Chen).

However, Shawn and Xialing were enlightened that it was all a trap by Jiang Nan (Michelle Yeoh) to an even greater threat.

The original film left off with Shawn and Katy (Awkwafina) being called by Wong (Benedict Wong) into a portal. It is possible that the sequel could pick up from there and shed more light on the Ten Rings.

Simu Liu
Liu stars as Shang-Chi in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise with neither the paycheck nor the production budget for his role disclosed to the public. Ryan Emberley/Getty Images

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