A billionaire living in Montana has been accused of sexually abusive behavior by his former mistress and employees as he barked back on Sunday, Nov. 21, saying that the allegations are false.

Billionaire Michael Goguen, a former partner of Sequoia Capital, is being accused by Matthew Marshall, the former head of Goguen’s security group Amyntor Group LLC, of asking him to kill his enemies as well as purchasing different kinds of luxury goods for his “harem” of mistresses, according to Complex.

Among the actions Marshall has accused Goguen of asking him to do is finding ways to silence Goguen’s alleged mistress, Amber Baptiste, covering up the sexual abuse accusation of one of his other paramours, and being asked to kill Bryan Nash of wickr, a former associate whose wife he allegedly slept with, the New York Post reported.

Marshall also stated that Goguen lied to authorities when he was accused and convicted of wire fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. Marshall said that Goguen accused him of these things to shift the focus from Goguen, because of Marshall’s growing discomfort at Goguen’s extramarital activities.

Baptiste’s case in 2016 against Goguen was dismissed, while Nash received five years’ probation after Goguen sued him for blackmail, stalking, and extortion in 2019. Marshall himself accepted a plea deal regarding his wire fraud and money laundering case, a separate New York Post article reported.

Goguen, who has a net worth of $5 billion, is also being accused of controlling the law enforcement of Whitefish, Montana, helping bury a sexual abuse case by promising Detective Shane Erickson participation in Goguen’s private elk hunts.

Goguen has denied these accusations.

“It’s hard to believe that we’re at a time in society when disgusting nonsense like this–crafted from the evil and twisted imaginations of a convicted felon to openly and publicly retaliate against his victim — is given the same weight by the media as the fact and evidence-based conclusions reached by the FBI and the criminal justice system,” Goguen said.

Former Whitefish police chief Bill Dial has voiced support of the case prior to Goguen’s denial.

“This man has to be stopped. He’s a billionaire a la Harvey Weinstein and Epstein. There’s a lot of people in this community who know what he’s about and they’re afraid of him,” he said.

Silicon Valley billionaire Michael Goguen is being accused by former employee Matthew Marshall of abusive behavior, including silencing sexual assault cases and asking him to kill someone. This is a representational image. Kristina Flour/Unsplash.

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