The precise and surreal capability of predicting the future is regarded as impossible. However, the precise predictions about future events by the animated television show ‘The Simpsons’ have surprised us in the past, but this year it has shocked us with another accurate real-life forecast.

Multiple episodes have apparently predicted the future. The show had human beings living on Mars, a dream which Elon Musk says is a possibility. It famously predicted the complex presidency of Donald Trump. One recent event which was macabrely predicted by the show involves death and injury.

In the recent week, the Astroworld Music Festival took a tragic turn during the performance of rap artist Travis Scott’s. This was predicted in one of the episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ way before the actual incident, as reported by the New York Post.

On Nov. 4, Thursday the day before the tragedy took place, Scott published a black and white cover art as the announcement of his new song ‘Escape Plan’, from his album titles ‘Dystopia’.

Taking to TikTok many fans compared how the promotional art was similar to something that was featured on the show.

In one of the 1992 episodes, Homer Simpson is seen carrying a newspaper with the image of the show character Bat Boy on it. The note on the cover reads “Bat Boy accurately predicts final four.” The image of Bat Boy and morphed Scott are uncannily similar, News 18 reported.

Similarities between both of the covers have prompted several people to speculate that 'The Simpsons' foretold the singer’s concert as Travis published the cover just one day before the Astroworld concert.

Also, another clip from a 1992 episode titled ‘The Otto Show’ is being shared wildly. In the episode, the characters Bart and Milhouse visit a Spinal Tap concert where a riot breaks out after the band decided to end the show early. These similarities, after being noticed by a lot of people sparked speculations that ‘The Simpsons’ episode predicted the tragedy that happened at Scott’s concert.

The Nov. 5, Friday concert in Texas led to the tragic incident that has cost at least eight lives. During Scott’s performance, fans tried to push forward leading to a crowd crush. Around 300 attendees needed medical assistance with 11 reported cardiac arrests.

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