Televisa has started production of its new telenovela, "Sin Rastro." The series that will consist of only 16 episodes will star Danilo Carrera and Adriana Louvier. The story is about a woman in love who is about to get married but all of a sudden disappears for five years. Upon her return she decided that she wants to take the life that she lost.

For Carrera, this is his first starring role in a production. Following his work on "Pasión y Poder" as Fernando Colunga's illegitimate son, Carrera previously worked as a correspondent for Univision's "El Gordo y La Flaca." Louvier returns to the small screen following her role as Maria Dolores on "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres."

"Sin Rastro" marks the debut of Silvia Cano as an executive producer. She has worked at Televisa for 25 years in different aspects of production and previously worked alongside Robert Gómez-Fernández as an associate producer on "El Hotel De Los Secretos" and "El Color De La Pasión." Cano will surely give a new vision for storytelling in this highly changing environment.

"Sin Rastro" will shoot on locations around Mexico City directed by Walter Doehner and Ana Lorena Pérez-Ríos. Actors confirmed for this telenovela include Alejandra Ambrosi, José Elías Moreno, José Pablo Minor, Gema Garoa, Pablo Perroni, Fernando Ciangherotti, Tiaré Scanda, Lalo Palacios, Alejandra Robles Gil, Mauricio Abularach, Roberto Blandón, Héctor Kotsifakis and Ana Layevska.

"Sin Rastro" is set to premiere in Mexico in August and will undoubtedly air stateside on Univision sometime this fall.