A mother will always look out for the best of her children. Hence, it comes as no surprise why a mom from the UK lost it when she found out that her son had been sexually abused when he was 12.

Sarah Sands is a single mother who has been convicted of the fatal stabbing of 77-year-old Michael Pleasted at his East London apartment. This incident happened weeks after the 38-year-old woman discovered that Pleasted had abused young boys.

But what ticked the mother was when her son, Bradley Sands, revealed to her that he was molested by Pleasted in 2014.

“I found him pulling out his hair, rocking, shaking and crying. He kept saying, ‘I should have told you before — that could have stopped him getting those younger boys,’” Sands said. “He was attacked at the shop and his house. I felt sick and heartbroken.”

Bradley was only 12 at that time. He is now 19 and said that he was too embarrassed, to tell the truth.

“I didn’t want to get into trouble but I was having nightmares Mick would come after me,” he said.

As a result, Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands. She drank two bottles of wine, picked up a knife and confronted Pleasted at his apartment. She tried to persuade the 77-year-old to plead guilty but got a smirk instead. She ended up stabbing the man 8 times.

“He wouldn’t listen to me. He was cold. A different man to the one who’d been my friendly neighbor,” Sands said.

She was found guilty of manslaughter in 2015 because of loss of control and sentenced to three and a half years behind bars. However, the prison term was extended to seven-and-a-half years by an appellate court.

During the trial, it was found that Pleasted had 24 convictions for sex offenses dating back to over three decades.

In August 2018, Sands was reunited with her family and is now writing a book, “Loss of Control.”

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