With most people these days limited in movement, it would not be surprising if some would have gotten added pounds. It is a reality although some people may turn to exercise or other methods like maybe, smoking weed.

Smoking cannabis allegedly helps people shed off some pounds. However, there are arguments raised on whether this is true.

Some claim that smoking weed makes them eat less, a reason why lower body weight drops. However, shedding off those excess pounds may only be in part due to cannabis and not entirely.

In 2011, there was a review of two surveys where authors concluded that rates of obesity were higher among people who reported not using cannabis compared to rates among those who used cannabis at least 3 days per week.

While interesting, it would be best to note that this research was simply a suggestion. There is not enough evidence to support the theory that cannabis can help lose weight. There may be other reasons behind it.

Among the possible explanations for weight loss when smoking weed is increased mobility, drinking less alcohol, eating less, more sleep and faster metabolism. Hence, smoking cannabis could be part of it but not entirely the reason why a person would lose weight.

Now before anyone tries it, it would be best to note that aside from being forbidden in some regions, there are also health risks involved. Smoking weed is no different from how people light cigarettes.

It still contains irritants, toxins, and cancer-causing agents as tobacco smoke according to the American Lung Association. Over time, smoking weed damages your lungs and airways, reducing respiratory function and increasing your risk for airway inflammation and chronic bronchitis.

So the best way to summarize this is that smoking weed or cannabis may play a role in weight loss. However, it is not free from health risks and may place the respiratory system of an individual at risk.

Many companies and entrepreneurs found an opportunity to apply the curative properties of the Cannabis plant in their products. Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

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