Snapchat has launched an all-new update for its app bringing some exciting features to the instant-messaging service. 

The most important part of this udpdate has to do with the face swap filter. Now users can swap their face with any picture Snapchat auto-detects in their camera roll. This means no more awkwardly positioning your phone and face swapping partner in weird ways to get the pic you want. Snapchat's face detection is nice but it's far from perfect so this new update helps users focus in on what exactly they want.

Furthermore, Snapchat has scrapped its pay-to-replay feature, which means users can repeat views of temporary videos and photos now for free. The catch is you can only replay a snap once before paying, reports Engadget

Previously, Snapchat revealed that if you wanted to see a snap more than once you needed to hand over some cash. The instant messaging app revealed U.S. users could pay $1 for extra replays. Users were able to view three snaps once more after paying, but you'll only be able to take another peek once per image or video.

The new update is currently available on iOS and will gradually roll out on Google Play

Meanwhile, Snapchat is getting some exclusive content from MTV. According to Variety, the network is reviving its popular series "Cribs" as a short-form program designed exclusively for the instant messaging app. This new edition of "Cribs" will give viewers a more intimate experience as celebrities and artist will guide Snapchat users through their homes using their own cameras or smartphones. 

Even more, the network will bring another series to the app called "Pants Off" and will features Laci Green discussing sex and relationships. "Pants Off" will come to users with an eight-episode series May 14, while "Cribs" will arrive this summer in June.