On the last episode of "Sons of Anarchy" truths were revealed and Tara made her exit from Charming with Jax's sons. The season finale will air Tuesday Dec 10 at 10pm ET on FX and with next season being the show's last there is no telling what will happen. In the episode titled "You Are My Sunshine" Juice and Tara both make decisions that could place their lives in jeopardy. Juice (Theo Rossi) has been having a difficult time dealing with the decision to kill Clay (Ron Pearlman) and almost overdoses on oxycodone.

Gemma (Katy Sagal) and Nero (Jimmy Smits) force Juice to vomit and expel the pills from his system. Gemma has to leave Juice with Nero who agrees to help him through the high. Juice is in such a fog he confesses to Nero how sorry he is for killing his cousin's old lady on Jax's (Charlie Hunnam) orders. Jax swore to Nero that it was the drugs the woman took that killed her. Nero is shocked and angry by what he learns and has every intention of confronting Jax but something stops him.

Tara calls Gemma pretending to need her help at the cabin tending to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) who was shot in the shoulder. In reality Tara is just about to enter Charming and go fetch her boys. For the entire episode viewers believe that Tara is going to take a deal she made with the D.A. After pulling a gun on Wayne (Dayton Callie) and Wendy (Drea de Matteo) Tara takes her boys and flees Charming. Wayne assumes that she is going into witness protection and that is the story that gets back to Gemma and Jax.

Nero doesn't confront Jax with the woman's death when he sees how heartbroken he is over the loss of Tara and his sons. In the promo for the season finale we see two worrisome clips. In one Jax confronts Juice telling Juice that he has betrayed him and the club. In another clip we see a shirtless Jax grabbing and throwing Tara. The season finale is almost upon us and one of the fun parts of watching a show like this is guessing at what might happen. So here are four predictions about how the season finale could go down.

First and almost an obvious choice is that Jax kills Tara. We have seen the ruthless side of Jax in the past and he and his mother don't do well with betrayal, just ask Wendy and Clay. But killing Tara could be a harder choice than any other kill Jax has been a part of. After all she is his wife and the mother/step-mother of his two boys. We also learned way back in season one that Jax has been in love with Tara since they were in high school.

While many fans would like to see Tara meet Mr. Mayhem her death could send Jax down a dangerous path that might make all of the changes he has brought to SAMCRO useless. A second possible death in the finale is Juice's, Jax is more vulnerable to betrayal this season and Juice's confession damages Jax's business and personal relationship with Nero. Jax's emotional state could cause him to release his frustrations in a violent way. Viewers love Jax but he is an outlaw biker who just shot and killed his stepfather, so killing a friend or even his wife may not be a far stretch.

Another possibility for the season finale is Nero taking revenge on Jax for killing the school shooter's mother then lying about it. When fans first met Nero they were introduced to the cute and cuddly pimp trying to take care of his terminally ill son. It has been mentioned that Nero has a dark past and it could be something he taps into if he feels Jax needs to pay for his actions. Speaking to TV Line actor Jimmy Smits commented on what he hoped viewers took away from the finale scene of the last episode.

"The information that Nero gleans from Juice, that Jax so blatantly lied about, and the outcome of that really runs deep... So, I hope what was conveyed was that you didn't know what was going to happen when he walked through that door... That moment when he goes to Jax, once he's found out what happens, he sees another level of betrayal - it almost trumps what Nero is feeling because this kid has been betrayed by his wife and he's had his kids taken away...Nero doesn't know if he's going to comfort this guy or choke the hell out of him."

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is known for throwing curve balls at his viewers. There have been several events throughout the series that left viewers in disbelief, like the death of Opie (Ryan Hurst). There really is no telling what will happen in episode 13 "A Mother's Work."

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