A young man who recently appeared on the popular K-variety show, “Da Kuomin" made a rather inane confession of not having had any water in over 20 years, owing to a bad taste in the past.

The man in question, reportedly maintained that he stopped drinking water after a childhood memory left a bad taste -- quite literally. He was all of 9 when he accidentally drank groundwater. The stench of the groundwater scarred him for life, which led him to give up on drinking water for good and settle for other drinks for his hydration fix.

Despite folks warning him of the health hazards of not drinking water; the man didn’t seem to care. “Die or die,” was his standard response. The staunch resistance bore adverse effects -- kidney stones, gastric ulcers, bowel obstruction, and the like, as reported in The World Of Buzz.

The switch to beer as a replacement to his daily consumption of water led to a massive weight gain. The lack of adequate hydration also led to an unusually low urination count— to just once a day.

The shocking reveal led to an interesting turn of events. At the end of the show, the crew challenged him to drink three cups of different beverages. The first comprised water with lemon, while the second was filled with burdock tea, and the last cup had a “special” beverage. He immediately spat it out within seconds of consumption and rued, “why does this taste like water?” Because, turns out, it indeed was!

It was certain that he DID sip water after ages, but was clearly unrelenting. The show ended with the host suggesting the man with a steely determination against drinking water to switch to a lighter tea, as opposed to alcoholic beverages.

The South Korean man had replaced his water intake with alcoholic beverages like beer
The South Korean man had replaced his water intake with alcoholic beverages like beer YouTube

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