A Spanish father has been accused of drugging and mercilessly killing his own two children before dumping their bodies at sea as revenge against his wife for getting a new boyfriend, authorities confirmed.

Tomás Antonio Gimeno, 37, was reportedly last seen on April 27 after taking off with his two young daughters. Before his sudden disappearance, Gimeno allegedly warned his ex-wife, Beatriz Zimmerman, that she would never see her children again after she began a new relationship with a 60-year-old Belgian man named Eric Domb.

The volatile suspect reportedly beat up the middle-aged Domb before kidnapping the two girls on April 27, the New York Post reported. Gimeno remains at large.

The body of Olivia Gimeno, his 6-year-old daughter was found by a deep-sea robot more than 3,000 feet underwater off Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, last week. It was retrieved stuffed into a duffel bag.

The other child, Anna Gimeno, 1-year-old, remains missing but has been presumed dead. An oceanographic research ship equipped with a special sonar had located a second similar bag under the ocean over the weekend, but the sack was reportedly recovered empty, reported The Sun.

Zimmerman told reporters that she believes Gimeno left her alive to suffer through the trauma of their two children's deaths. It is suspected that Gimeno was helped by at least one other person in carrying out the heinous crimes.

Judge Priscila Espinosa Guterriez noted that evidence against Gimeno has made it apparent that he snatched the children away from their mom without any intention of taking them to a secure and unknown location. Instead, it seems he planned to kill them all along in a premeditated fashion, in order to cause his ex-partner inhumane pain, the judge concluded.

Court officials revealed that Olivia, the 6-year-old daughter, died of pulmonary edema, a condition which is caused by excess fluid in the lungs brought on by water suddenly filling human air sacs.

Surveillance camera footage obtained as part of the investigation showed Gimeno carrying the sports bags in which he allegedly stuffed his daughters’ bodies from his Audi A3 to a boat at a marina in the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz.

Gimeno’s boat, missing its anchor, was discovered floating off Puertito de Guimar on the east corner of the island just over 10 miles south of Santa Cruz, hours after he had disappeared with the girls. A diving bottle and a duvet cover that had belonged to Gimeno were also discovered more than 3,000 feet underwater near the same area, Fox News reported.

When Gimeno’s house was searched as part of the investigation, recently opened medicine packets containing sedatives and muscle relaxants were reportedly discovered.

A Spanish Oceanographic Institute search vessel is continuing to search the ocean bed where Oliva’s body was found to locate the younger sister's corpse.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez has shared a tender video of the young Olivia and Anna on Instagram. The video was released by Zimmerman as part of a previous massive social media campaign to find her missing children.

Tomás Antonio Gimeno Spanish father Tomás Antonio Gimeno is accused of murdering his own two toddler children as revenge against his wife for getting a new boyfriend. Spanish Guardia Civil

“I want to use my reach on this great social network to make sure this reaches as many people as possible,” Rodriguez wrote to her 24 million followers on Instagram.